Financial Literacy for the early years

Program Options

Early Financial Literacy

For ages 3-5 (also available as a parent/child class)

It's never too early to start learning about money. We develop early numeracy and financial literacy skills in this program, designed to introduce very young people to financial concepts through sensory activities and creative play. Young people will learn:

  • What money is (currency used for things you need and want given in exchange for work).
  • How to identify coins and bills (including using counting and pattern identification).
  • How to play at shopping (making a list and sticking to it, and exchanging money for goods).

Business Ownership

For grades 1-2 or 3-5

Students work together in small groups to develop and run their own business. Working together, students will: 

  • Decide on a product to sell and build a business around it.
  • Create a business plan, marketing plan, and brand voice for their business.
  • Buy supplies, make products, and learn about supply and demand.
  • Run their shop at a final "town market" day, selling goods to their fellow students!
  • For grades 1-2 or 3-5.

Startup Incubator

For grades 4-5

Students harness their creative passion and hone their entrepreneurial chops, all while learning about disruptive innovation and the economics of venture capitalism. Working in teams, students:

  • Develop an idea (disruptive innovation), build a prototype, and create a business plan.
  • Create and film a commercial for their product.
  • Pitch their idea to real-life venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and even professional actors.
  • For grades 4-5.
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