Brains and Badgers Unite


Music Video Party

Pick a song, make up dance moves, and party with friends or family in front of our green screen. Starting at $495.

Movie Trailer Party

Create your own story and film an action-packed trailer starring you and your friends. Starting at $495.

Theater Games Party

Come up with crazy characters and play improv and theater games just like the pros. Starting at $375.

Where do we go?

Your Home

We'll come to you! If you have any room and electricity, we can bring this party to your house! For movie-making parties, we bring our green screen, green screen stand, light kit, and camera, all of which fits easily into two travel tubs. For theater parties, all we need is a room or outdoor space with space to move around.

Anywhere Else!

We've done parties in park district buildings, restaurant party rooms, garages, basements, and more. Anywhere with a bit of space to move around and an outlet works for us.

Check Availability

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