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Summer camp and birthday parties for ages zero to infinity.

Summer Camp

Since 2008, Brain Arts Productions has hosted summer camp for awesome young people on the northwest side of Chicago. Join us this summer for an unforgettable day camp experience.

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Perfect for any occasion, we bring our movie-making equipment to you for an awesome movie-making, music video, or green screen photo booth party. Young people and adults alike love it!

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Where do we go?

The Prop Thtr

The Prop Thtr is one of the oldest storefront theaters in Chicago. It's a great option to host your theater or movie making birthday party - we'll handle all the details. Did you know? Prop Thtr spells their name “thtr” because they couldn’t decide if it should be “theater” or “theatre”. Their now-famous sign has been on the building since 1981!

Your Home

We'll come to you! If you have any room and electricity, we can bring this party to your house! For movie-making parties, we bring our green screen, green screen stand, light kit, and camera, all of which fits easily into two travel tubs. For theater parties, all we need is a room or outdoor space with space to move around.

Anywhere Else!

We've done parties in park district buildings, restaurant party rooms, garages, basements, and more. Anywhere with a bit of space to move around and an outlet works for us.

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