Building Financial Literacy
through the creative arts.

Unique residencies and curriculum designed to reach your community.

Financial literacy has never been more crucial. As experienced educators and curriculum developers, we take pride in making experiential, cutting-edge programs that can be completely facilitated by Brain Arts professional educators or designed for your team to expertly deliver. Check out who we've worked with across the country - and reach out to start the conversation about how we can make something just for you.


Our clients range from museums to family law firms to public and private schools. Below are select case studies demonstrating the scope of our expertise and level of customization available.


We collaborated with J*. Content included a time-travel mystery, youth-led movie-making, and an entrepreneurship program culminating in original "disruptive innovations" presented to a panel of venture capitalists.

Bennett Day School

Bennett Day needed a unique afterschool program that included entrepreneurship and small business components. In tandem with their school's arts-based culture and curriculum, we sculpted a 10 week program focused on building a business, economic theories of supply and demand, and crafting unique items to repay business loans.

Bubbles Academy

Bubbles Academy specializes in infant, toddler, and Pre-K education. They wanted to introduce the early building blocks of financial literacy for their 3 to 5 year olds - something we were thrilled to dive into. We created a "Money Matters" class for both young children and their parents, focused on not only in-class experiences, but continuing the conversation at home.

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