Fun, creative parties to celebrate any special occasion.

Music Video Party

Pick a song, make up dance moves, and party with friends or family in front of our green screen. Starting at $495.

Movie Trailer Party

Create your own story and film an action-packed trailer starring you and your friends. Starting at $495.

Theater Games Party

Come up with crazy characters and play improv and theater games just like the pros. Starting at $375.

See it for yourself!

Ava's concept for her 12th birthday party music video involved reality television, escaped sharks, and light sabers. Check out her amazing final product.

Ben & Dash wanted to celebrate their 7th birthday together, so their parents threw a movie-making party with all their classmates (and a couple of cooperative older siblings).

At a family party, we shot a video with four generations. Everyone joined in the fun, and an heirloom music video was born!

Here's how it works.


Meet Jordan. They just turned 10 and love to write stories. Jordan wants to make a movie trailer about outer space, fighter pilots and French castles. No problem!


The Brain Arts crew arrives with their movie-making gear. Jordan leads their friends in an epic film shoot, complete with action-packed sequences, a killer dance routine, and a surprise appearance from Jordan's pet shark.


Two weeks later, the finished trailer hits Jordan's friends' inboxes. Everyone relives their adventures from the comfort of their own homes.

I can't wait any longer. I need to book now.

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